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Why Should You Consider Orthotics?

Why Should You Consider Orthotics?

First, let’s talk about the kinetic chain. Our feet support and balance our bodies. If this foundation is “off”, the rest of our body will hurt – knees, hips, and even our backs. This is referred to as the kinetic chain. Almost 99% of people’s feet are overpronated which means the feet are turned inwards. This can lead to problems all along the kinetic chain. Thus, if you’re experiencing pain anywhere along this chain, it might be worthwhile to consider orthotics and take a closer look at your foundation – your feet!

Our Custom Orthotics 

At Fraser Valley Chiropractic & Wellness, we use 3D scans to determine the root cause of your pain and provide customized orthotics via Foot Levelers. With an orthotics assessment, you will receive education on how to strengthen your feet in addition to chiropractic treatment to address any joint concerns that may be playing a role in your pain. Foot Levelers alone are proven to reduce pain and symptoms but the combination of them with chiropractic treatment shows an even higher reduction in pain.

How Do They Help?

Custom orthotics can reduce low back pain by over 30 percent – but how?

  1. Static Support – flexible orthotics like Foot Levelers improve the alignment of the arches when standing. By correcting the pronation of the feet, the knees no longer rotate excessively which helps reduce knee pain. When the knee is not rotated, the hips and spine also benefit.
  2. Dynamic Support – providing a smooth transfer of the body’s center of mass results in energy conservation and minimal expenditure.
  3. Postural Support – Foot Levelers also provide shock absorption which helps with posture. They can also aid in preventing hip, knee, and spinal degeneration.

Ready to get started? Book an appointment! This will include the scan and exercise prescription to help with foot strength. The orthotics arrive within 2 weeks. For more information about the orthotics, check out https://www.footlevelers.com/.